eSolutions is a woman-owned business founded by Dr. Jean Kaske. Dr. Kaske and
her team of clinicians have more than 30 years experience providing assessments
for state and local governments. We have administered more than 250,000 clinical
assessments throughout the United States. Using this experience, eSolutions
developed PASRR Plus™, a web-enabled software application designed to
streamline and facilitate PASRR compliance. By automating accurate PASRR Screen
dates and saving data on a HIPAA compliant server in a searchable format, PASRR
Plus™ minimizes the potential for fraud, erroneous claims, and payment disputes.
PASRR Plus’ ™ Report Generation functionality provides a valuable tool for
evaluating the efficacy of state programs and justifying funding requests.
By incorporating the latest HIPAA compliant hosting technologies, we
protect privacy while expediting the PASRR screening process and offering
the many advantages of digitized record keeping.
PASRR Plus™ simplifies nursing facilities interaction, while ensuring that both nursing facilities and
states comply with Federal PASRR regulations.

For over 30 years, we have provided evaluations that assist in long-term medical
planning, mental health treatment, and placement determination for individuals.
We have served as consultants to numerous government agencies and care facilities,
including the Federal Corrections Institute, State of Wisconsin Department of Health
Services, State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Institutes for Mental
Disease, community-based residential facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and
intermediate care facilities.  
eSolutions provides a multidisciplinary approach to all the care and services we
provide.  We are highly selective in our choice of professionals, comprised of
psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and social workers.  All our associates are
licensed and chosen by Dr. Kaske for their advanced clinical training and expertise.
 Each member of our select group is dedicated to placing clients in the least
restrictive, most appropriate setting and ensuring they receive the services they
We pride ourselves on providing accurate, timely, and industry leading assessments.

As a Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) member, BCS is on the forefront in industry leading best practices in healthcare information and technology. Please contact us for more information on how eSolutions can facilitate and
streamline your assessment workflow.